Scope-on-a-Rope in the Elementary Classroom LA Benchmarks

Subject Area
Applicable Benchmarks
Benchmark concepts
SOAR Activitiess
ELA-1-E1, E2, 2-E5, 3-E1, E2, E5 4-E1, E2, E6, E7
convention of print, writing legibly, speaking legibly, giving and following directions, responding to various media, group discussions
Viewing pages as a class, creative writing ideas (alien landscapes), reviewing handwriting techniques
1x, 30x
CE-1VA-E1, E2, E3, E5, AP-2VA-E1, E5, HP-3VA-E1, CA-4VA-E2
Exploring imagery, techniques and technologies, communicating the language of art, working productively in a group, critiquing artwork, “What is art?”, recognizing artworks, identifying art symbols in other core curricula
Viewing works of art from books or originals, compare colors and patterns
Social Studies
1x, 30x
G-1A-E1, E2, E-1A-E11
Identifying geographic representations, locating geographic features, currency and stamps
Viewing maps, comparing currency from around the world, exploring US currency for anti-counterfeiting measures, exploring postage stamps as anintroduction to places and historic events
30x, 200x
M-1-E thru M-4-E, D-1-E
All measurement concepts (area and linear), collection and organization of data
Measurement of distance and area on a small scale
1x, 30x, 200x
SI-E-A2 thru A6

Planning, communicating & conducting scientific investigations

Any microscopic investigation
     B2 thru B6 Making proper choices in order to conduct and understand scientific experimentation Set up an experiment, then conduct it
LS-E-A2 thru A4 Comparing living and nonliving things Viewing any touchable surface
     B1 thru B4 Exploring plants and animals  
     C1 thru C3 Habitats  
ESS-E-A1 thru A7 Rocks and minerals  
PS-E-A1, A2    
     B1, B3 Observing and describing the positions and motions of objects relative to others Chart the motion of insects, paramecia, or flatworms across a Petri dish
1x, 30x
PK-LL-R1, R2
Engage in reading experiences, and understand print concepts
Use SOAR to show reading material to class
     W2, W3 Writing activities and print environments Show various forms of letters
Observe and share various forms of art
Use art history textbooks or other material to show examples to entire class
Social Studies
Awareness of money
Show engraving and mint marks
     G1 Use of maps Highlight map details

PK-CM-M3, M4

Using math language, measuring, collecting data and making a simple graph
Measure grains of sand or letters on a page, make a table and graph the results
PK-CS-P3, L1,L2, L4
Exploring the physical world, observing and describing living and non-living things, exploring plant and animal life cycles
Insects, seeds and seedlings, leaves and flowers

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